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Indian Springs Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/04/2010
During my time at Indian Springs I encountered the following issues. All residents received a warning about several doors being kicked in and windows busted out. After several attempts to get the staff to fix a light they did not after claiming the security guard who is only there for a couple hours is suppose to document this. The water heater and fridge broke down right away and instead of listening to what we were saying they took every path they could to avoid this sadly our food was ruined and renters insurance couldn't cover it. The neighbors upstairs would make the loudest noise while the airplanes flying low over portage and gun shots fired would keep me up. The fitness area required a code which I had them fix almost daily before I gave-up and bought my own stuff. You will see lot's of people standing around in groups with wife beater shirts doing drugs and drinking alcoholic beverages starring you down as you drive by. If your female I feel for you if you are alone in this dump. The parking caused for paint scratches due to careless people opening doors up to fast. I signed for a sure deposit and was told that it covered up to $500 and the exact words from the maintenance guy was "yeah don't worry you already paid your lease breaker so you won't have to worry about paying anything else." They turned me in to the collection agency without warning papers hurting my credit. Oh and the 30 days you are suppose to get to leave was in reality a 3/4 a month time. I have lived in some great apartments but this is not one of those!
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Indian Springs Apartments

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