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Indian Springs Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/06/2008
I moved here last year from Chicago because I wanted to be closer to my family and friends. I decided to move into the complex because it was the best deal that allowed me to move in with a pet. Much to my dismay, I have had nothing but problems since the day I moved in. Right after I moved in, my car was broken into. Then I had many maintenance issues with the place. I had several links from my sinks to under the cabinets, to in the ceiling in my bathroom from the apartment above mine. When I moved in, I expected to have actually clean carpets, but instead I found that I couldn't even walk across my carpet with socks on without them turning black. That problem did not get better until I actually took the time to shampoo my carpets. It took three times to get it to where it should have been when I moved in. Then when spring came, I noticed that I had a huge problem with flying ants that were coming in from my furnace room into my bedroom. I had to duck tape my furnace door just to keep them from coming in. If I was just talking about a few bugs, it wouldn't be a problem, but this was more like hundreds. I showed the apartment complex and all they did was have someone come out to spray. I am fearful for when they come back this spring because I know they will. I find that I have to close my bathroom door at night and my closet door in my bedroom to lessen the noise coming from the neighboring apartment and their late night "conversations" but more like yelling and screaming. As far as the surrounding neighbors, I have been cussed at by many of the kids in the neighborhood while minding my own business and witnessed rocks being thrown at many of the cars in the parking lot (including my own). I can truly say through some of the experiences that I have had that I felt a lot safer in my apartment in Chicago than I have here. When my lease comes to an end, I am definitely moving from here as soon as I can. I would have broken my lease but I didn't want to pay the $750. I don't recommend living here if you would like a nice, peaceful community to live in. On some positive notes, the maintenance staff has been really great in terms of response time on maintenance requests, even though not everything gets fixed the first time you call. The office ladies have been really great, understanding and easy to work with. My main complaints are the condition of the apartments and the other residents. Maybe eventually the complex will consider going away from Section 8, and raising their rates to attract better tennants (not that everyone is bad, but the majority).
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Indian Springs Apartments

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