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Irish Row

1855 Vaness St.

South Bend, IN 46637

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Resident · 2010 - 2012
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Office Staff
Let me preface this by saying that Irish Row is almost exclusively student housing. If you are looking for a quiet place for yourself or family, this probably is not your best option. The rent is a per bedroom basis and is up to $728/mn/bedroom last time I checked. Now into the details: Location: Irish Row is nicely located close to campus. It is about a 7 minute walk to Jordan Hall of Science or 17 minutes to DeBartolo. A bike is recommended for the months it is snowing. Across the street from the apartments is Papa John's, which is nice for when you need a late night snack and J.W. Chen's, arguably one of the best Chinese restaurants in South Bend. Parking: For each 2 bedroom apartment you are allowed 2 parking passes. For each 3 bedroom apartment you are allowed 2 parking passes. You don't save any money by living in a 3 bd/3bath. This is rather annoying since you end up essentially paying for parking but might not get a spot. Parking lot is well lit and reasonably safe. You absolutely must have a parking pass to park in the lot, cars are towed several times every night, especially on weekends. Visitor parking is limited to street parking, and only a few spots at that. Noise: The Irish Row buildings were hastily constructed using as as many cheap materials. This means walls between rooms and apartments are paper thin. This isn't a problem unless you have a particularly noisy or amorous neighbor. Hallways can be noisy on weekend nights (that includes Thursday). Grounds: The buildings look nice from the outside, but a close inspection reveals that they are not as nice as they may appear. Landscaping is good and snow removal in the winter is always prompt. Parking lot is navigable throughout winter. Sadly, there is no place outside to just sit down in the sun on the nice days. Safety: This is South Bend. That being said you should not be walking around late at night alone. There was an incident of armed robbery just outside of one of the buildings in 2010-2011. Since then, there has been a noticeable police presence, in a marked car, for at least half of the nights. There are bike racks for bikes, but don't expect your bike to hang around over summer without a very strong U-lock. I had a cheap lock chewed through and destroyed within weeks of moving here. Safety within the building is solid. Cameras are present. Doors into each unit are very sturdy with peepholes. Keys are required to access the buildings. Kitchen: Each unit comes with everything you need to have a working kitchen. Again, the quality of appliances in the units is not accurately reflected in the price of the unit. Dishwashers are terrible. Combine a cheap dishwasher with the hard water of South Bend and you have to wash everything by hand. Stoves are ceramic. Unless you are into cooking they will pass for day to day meals but are a pain to clean. Ovens, microwaves, and refrigerator are nothing to write home about but not too bad. There is a distinct lack of drawers in the kitchen, but plenty of cabinet space. There is also a lack of counter space. Furnishings: Furnishings aren't always the sturdiest but get the job done. Kitchen tables in the older buildings are plain and the chairs tend to lose screws. Living room couch isn't terribly uncomfortable. Desks are small in the bedrooms and desk chairs are painful. Dressers are plain. The beds are full and hard, but I like a hard bed. Other Appliances: The central heating and AC is nice especially in the winter and summer. Everything is electric, however, and you pay the electric bill every month. The TV is "HD" (720p) but are cheap ones at that. TV and internet provider is AT&T U-verse. U-Verse is absolutely horrible. Nothing ever works right. Max download speeds are at about 350 KBps but intermittent. HD channels are not included in rent, so the HD TV goes to waste unless you want to spend an extra $15 or so a month for HD channels. The ethernet ports in the rooms were not wired properly so you can't assume that they will work. Bathrooms are nice in that you don't have to share one but feel cheap. Maintenance: In the past, maintenance was hit or miss. More recently, once ownership of the apartments turned over it has greatly improved. Management: Management is scattered and can sometimes be unprofessional. Book keeping isn't always up to date. Management also charges fees if you pay rent with a credit card or Pay Pal (both of which are against contracts with credit card companies.) Overall, this was a nice place to live but certain aspects truly turned me off to the complex. It is easily one of the more expensive places to live off campus and not always entirely worth it.
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Irish Row

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