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Irish Row

1855 Vaness St.

South Bend, IN 46637

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Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
IRISH ROW STAFF SUCK If you're reading this, you're probably a student. Chances are good that you are an upperclassman, and you know the area pretty well. You've probably even been to the apartments and town homes. So let's skip the details on the facilities (pretty nice) and location (perfect), because you already know that. What you might not know is this: Irish Row has the WORST office staff ever. Ever. Don't believe me? Then you probably haven't actually signed a lease with them yet. Up until my name was on that dotted line, they were sweet and understanding and considerate. It's all an act. Our refrigerator was broken when we moved in. We contacted the office. They promised us a new one. Never happened. They promised to help us with subletting. Turns out they literally help zero with subletting-- you have to write your own contract, find your own witnesses, and they won't even let you transfer the utilities over to the new person. They do NOTHING to help. Then, at move out, they charge everyone for pre-existing damage in the hopes that no one catches it. Irish Row is pretty damn tempting, I know. But the people who work there are rude and dishonest. They know it's basically all students, and they do their best to profit from our inexperience. They'll totally try to screw you if they can, and they are lazy as hell so they will not lift a finger to help them. My advice? Go ahead. Rent at Irish Row or Crossings. The management run these luxury apartments with slumlord ethics, but that does not change the fact that the facilities are pretty nice. And you hopefully won't have to deal with the staff too much. They're pleasant liars, and they will smile and be civil and all that good stuff. Just go in forewarned: watch your back. Go directly to maintenance (those guys rock and will often come straight to your place the second you phone). Don't waste your time filing with the office, because they will just drag their feet and do nothing. Get everything cataloged PERFECTLY when you move in. Take pictures. Hell, maybe even lawyer up. These bastards have the market cornered. They basically have a monopoly on housing (they own most of the student housing in the area) and they know that students have limited time and resources to fight back. They're going to smile politely at you and be discretely condescending as they try to trick you into paying more for less. They're going to do this because you're a student, and you're young, and you're green and eager to please. Well, screw that. Don't let them push you around. Best of luck.
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Irish Row

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