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Irish Row

1855 Vaness St.

South Bend, IN 46637

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Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
In short: If you're on the fence, choose somewhere else. Detailed review: NOISE If you enjoy privacy, think twice. Not only can you hear your roommates easily through the walls but you can hear people outside in the hallways easily. The buildings were constructed quickly and cheaply and it shows (sounds) very clearly. Good luck getting sleep on the weekends. GROUNDS This is one spot the community does a great job - the area looks fairly clean and the groundskeeping crew keeps the place clear when snow starts to fall. The interior of the buildings leaves a bit to be desired, though - the stairways and hallways look well worn and don't seem to have been cleaned in a while. SAFETY Building 3 has an external door that you don't even need a key to access - you can just pull on the door with a slight bit of extra force and it opens right up. I don't know if the management will ever get around to fixing this but watch the issue get corrected once they see this review (if they find it). The community isn't somewhere you'd want to walk alone at night, especially around football season. NDSP (Notre Dame Security Police) do occasional drive bys at night, though, so that's a plus. Still, not exactly a place that inspires confidence. NEIGHBORHOOD A few minutes walking distance from the University of Notre Dame. Pretty much the main selling point as well for the off-campus crowd - and make no mistake, this is definitely student housing; very few residents aren't attending college/grad school. It's also right across the street from Papa John's and JW Chen's, which is great if you enjoy eating out. It's also not far (a few minutes walking) from a plaza that includes Martin's (grocery store), Chase (bank), Dairy Queen, Einstein Bros, and much more. MAINTENANCE If you call the management good luck getting anything resolved. Calling the direct maintenance hotline is probably a 50-50 shot of getting calls returned, let alone service being completed. Definitely a case of the squeaky wheel getting the grease - you need to make your requests clearly, completely, and often if you want anything done. STAFF They try to be helpful and often they are - if you speak with them in person. Other forms of contact give mixed results. ADDITIONAL They have 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments. The 1 and 2 bedroom units have the same size for each room but the 3 bedroom units have wildly different sizes - about 180sq ft for the largest room, 140 for the second, and around 132 for the third. Despite this everybody pays the same per-bed price - keep that in mind. Can't speak about the 4 bedroom units. Each bedroom comes with a full size bed on a frame that allows for plenty of under-bed storage - definitely a plus. One dresser and one desk (no drawers for the latter) are also included in each room. The "high speed" internet is a joke - it's the slowest I've ever had the misfortune of experiencing outside of dialup, and I've lived in the projects before. You'll be lucky to get a consistent 100kb/s connection, and there will be drops throughout the day. As for the cable, there are NO HD channels included, and the HDTV they include for the living room isn't even 1080p. The bathrooms are pretty nice - spacious enough to do what you need to and private. No frills but there's not much to complain about either - just be aware you won't have as much hot water as you might like all the time. The included washer/dryer combo is hardly what I'd call "full size" - each is rather small and definitely "apartment sized." OVERALL You can tell this was probably a great place to live a few years ago but it's not really worth the premium any longer. Stop by and take a look if you're interested but explore all your options before you commit - it's almost certain you'll find something better for what you'll end up paying.
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Irish Row

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