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Irish Row

1855 Vaness St.

South Bend, IN 46637

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Former Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
When I was a resident of Irish Row, I had a great experience. The location is excellent and most of the amenities were in good condition. The main exceptions were the windows (the blinds were falling apart and the window could not open all the way) and the microwave. Nothing was clean when I arrived but I was able to do that. During my time at Row, the staff was wonderful! Work orders were completed efficiently and emails were responded very quickly. One main complaint was that the packages were delayed (most packages arrived in the morning but I wouldn't receive the pickup email until about an hour before the office closes). The community assistants were very friendly and the community has a lot of fun events and giveaways. The online system (Simplebills) for paying for electricity is flawed. They add $5 per roommate for splitting the bill. I recommend that one roommate pay in full and the other pays the roommate back directly. $10 per month easily saved. Before the following incident, I was ready to give Irish Row 5 stars no questions asked. However, my opinion changed when I experienced slow responses after my move-out date. My main complaint about Irish Row was the quality of service after I moved out. I had some questions about the deductions from my security deposit and sent an initial email. Two calls and three more emails later, I got no response. Finally, I sent a firm and frustrated email to literally every single Irish Row email address I had record of and got a quick response. Overall, pros: location, spacious rooms, fully furnished rooms, quick maintenance repairs, community events, current resident customer service cons: SimpleBills, some of the amenities, delays in packages, and customer service after move-out. Irish Row is definitely one of the better off campus student housing options at Notre Dame, but it is on the expensive side. You have to be careful of the hidden costs they sneak in and you must be prepared for a lower quality of customer service after move-out
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Irish Row

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