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International Village



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/07/2014
UPDATE 12-20-15: Sadly, I'm still living here. I have a very demanding job and the stress of moving gives me a headache. Lots have changed at IV. The staff comes and goes like flies AND management has REALLY let the complex go to hell. Once upon a time, management would act like they were concerned, but now, they clearly don't give two rats asses. I didn't think things could get worse, but they did. International has always been sketchy, but in the past year, they've allowed anyone to come in this complex. There's been shootings and increased cop patrolling. Its really a scary place to live. I've been lazy in the past, but this year, I won't be renewing my lease. It's not worth it. Ignore the recent "five star" reviewers; most likely, those come from the staff. No today. No tomorrow. Save yourself. PS: The laundry rooms are horrible. They look like something out of a horror movie! ______________________ This is by far the worst apartment complex I have ever lived at. I made the detrimental decision to move here from Coppertree Apartments (I know right?) in the Summer of 2013 because they were having a special and bragged about having a new and better management. When I moved in I was very dissatisfied with my apartment. My cabinets looked wore out and I had foggy windows. I was told they the windows would be replaced in all the units, never happened. Shortly afterwards there was always something wrong with my apartment. Electrical problems (never fixed, apartments burned down in 2012 because of this). My door was literally split in the middle, locking only by strong force. I spotted mice. I had a pipe bust leak (all over my carpet, destroying alot of my clothes and perishables). Sadly, these issues took days and sometimes weeks to fix because maintenance was so inconsistent. The exterior of International Village is very dirty. There's usually trash on the sidewalks and cannabis reaking from the apartments. They don't do much to uphold the area. The town of Speedway is ashamed to even have International Village in the area. They just tore down the buildings that caught fire almost 2 years ago, please read this article: http://www.flyergroup.com/local/x1442600707/Speedway-will-d The leasing office employees Melissa and Jessica are really sweet young ladies but are nonetheless pretty faces to calm down the angry tenants. Wendy is the manager of International Village. She doesn't do much to get involved. When I call to speak to her because of an escalation, the girls usually lie and say she's on lunch break (Mind you, I called around 11:00am and around 4:00pm, both times on lunch break. This occurred when my pipes busted and no one would come out to clean my carpet to prevent mildew). I should have known better when I went to sign my lease and saw Wendy arguing with two couples because of the condition of their apartment. So in a nutshell, DO NOT MOVE HERE, YOU WILL REGRET IT. I am currently stuck here until July and god knows I count down the days. If you really need something in the area check out DEERCROSS apartments, COPPERTREE apartments and/or VILLA CAPRI apartments, much better and suitable. When my lease is up I am RUNNING back to Coppertree Apartments. Oh not to mention, International Village has inside storage sheds on the garden level of the complexes, they said they would remove them never did. Some people have dirty clothes in them, microwaves and anything you can think of. Don't believe me? When you go on a tour, be sure to go to the garden level near the washing machines an peep inside one of the lockers. Don't settle for something you don't deserve, you have options and International Village shouldn't be one of them!
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International Village

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