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6363 Hollister Drive, Speedway, IN 46224
6363 Hollister Drive, Speedway, IN 46224

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International Village



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Resident 2013 Not Recommended

Reviewed 02/16/2013

This place is definitely what its cracked up to be at all. When i first went to look at the apartments they show you a model one that is perfect seems like the perfect place for you to stay WRONNGGGGGGGGG. When we finally moved in our apartment it was a total difference from what we had seen in the model home. There were a lot of broke things when we moved in like the dishwasher that never worked complained about it the whole time while living there and they still did not come and fix it. The stairs were broke too, u could not even get the dishwasher open without opening up the stove first smh. Their were so many things broke that i filled out that whole form telling them about all the issues that i found so when i moved out i would not have a problem. If i would of known all of this before moving in there is no way i would have signed a lease to leave there at all. The staff is mean especially the fat lady that is one of the leasing agents she always had a attitude every time i went in there. She is so rude and I dont see how she is still even working in there. But with how the rest of the leadership is in there i see why she has not got fired yet. The management is also bad, I asked for the number to the Corporate office and i still have not received it, because they dont want them to here the truth about how these apartments are really are. To make it even bad they forced me to give them a good rating on here before in Jun, and said if i did not do it she was not going to give me my money I got for referring someone to move in. And u may ask why did i do that, because i wanted the free 300 dollars who wouldn't even though i knew the place was terrible. Now that i have moved out and could not get it anymore, i would definitely not recommend this place to y worst enemy just plain terrible, they need to get a whole nother staff in this location, im surprised they even have anyone living there still
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International Village

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