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Harrison West Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 05/23/2013
I lived in both one and two bedroom apartments at Harrison West between 2008-2010. The cabinetry/flooring was cheap but in good condition (didn't seem grimy or falling to pieces as I've experienced in some other places). The one bedroom had a HUGE bathroom and the space in the two bedroom was adequate. Nice closet space including outdoor closet on balcony/patio. Never really heard the neighbors compared to other apartments I've lived in, quiet community, always felt safe and my son was newborn-2 during that timeframe. Now onto the issues (some of which may have been resolved in the last 2.5 years). Terre Haute is prone to flooding. The parking lot at Harrison West did not take this flooding well. Water rose high enough to enter my car causing me to have to have the carpet ripped out and replaced. The two bedroom we rented had mold in the toilet when we moved in. We did everything we could to get rid of it but it would constantly return. Upon move out, we were 'charged' (against our deposit) for this mold, that, again, was there when we moved in. All of my apartment moveouts, save for one, have brought unpleasant surprises when our portion of the deposit was returned and Harrison was no different. My son, two at the time, locked himself in his bedroom accidentally. The doorknobs have those little holes that you press a "key" into to unlock, you know? So anyway, I called the office and Susan told me to look above the door frames in the apartment for one of those keys. There were NONE. I tell her this and she doesn't seem to believe me. She complains about how much pain she's in and how she doesn't want to walk over (it's not a huge complex and NOT a far walk) all while my son is hysterical on the other side of the door. She finally acts like she's doing me a HUGE favor by sending maintenance over. While waiting for maintenance I try to fashion a key myself out of a metal wire hanger with no luck. The maintenance man shows, only to realize he also doesn't have a key in his "kit." He leaves to find something. He returns quite some time later still with no key, uses the wire hanger I flatted out and gets the door open. While yes, the problem was resolved, my scared, screaming toddler had to wait far too long for something that could have been solved within minutes if keys were kept in practical spots/not lost. I still can't believe Susan had the audacity to complain to me over the phone about walking over. So really, two bad experiences in two years unexpected charges against us upon move out is not bad. To be fair, out of Harrison and the three places I've lived since then, Harrison is second best. I would consider living there again if I was still in the area.
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Harrison West Apartments

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