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University Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/26/2011
University Village Apartments is the worst place to live if you want sleep, need a quiet place to study, aren't big on partying, and if you want to keep your money in your pocket. This was the place my roommate and I chose to live for our first time being on our own. We were transfer students from Illinois and we didn't know that these apartments were considered the "party" apartments, but we found that out soon enough. Let me start off by telling you about the worst thing that happened to me while I was living at the UV's, just in case you decide not to read this whole review. I was about ready to go on a trip and my parents were sending me the money that they were originally going to use to buy me my "big gift" for Christmas. My mom sent a check wrapped in a personal letter in an envelope addressed to ME. A week had gone by and I had yet to receive the letter with the check inside that I knew was coming. My mom asked me about it and when we thought that it was suspicious that I hadn't received it, my dad called our bank. Our bank informed us that the check had already been cleared by another bank in a town somewhere in Indiana that I had never been to. It turns out that someone in the University Village Apartment office got a hold of my letter somehow and opened it, saw how much the check was for and went and deposited it into the UV's business account. The check was never signed. My parents and I believe that whoever did this was going to write out a check for themselves after it was deposited into the business account, but they didn't get that far because their bank notified them about the whole situation and that my bank had returned our money to us. My dad had the police involved but since the bank had notified them before the police showed up, they had already gotten their stories straight about what had "supposedly" happened. The ladies in the office claim that they opened my letter (even though it was addressed to me, not them) and saw the check (even though there was a letter to me from my mom in there) and thought it was rent money, so they put it towards my account. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE! We signed our lease for a year and the whole time we had two guys that lived above us that were constantly up no matter what time it was, loud, and loved to party. One of them even had kids and when they came over that's all we would hear is them running around upstairs (which I'm sure happens in other apartment complexes too). One night was the WORST. We woke up to our lights and pictures shaking because it sounded like everyone who was upstairs partying was not only dancing, but jumping as well. So needless to say, we had to call the cops a few times. I eventually had to start sleeping with ear plugs in. We also quickly found out that the two guys below us loved to smoke weed and it would come up through the vents in our bathroom, and if we didn't shut the door then the smell would fill our apartment. Another thing that was annoying was the bar the was right across the street. Not only would the people who lived at the UV's go there to drink, but so would a lot of other college students (or whoever). It would get very loud, especially on Thursdays because someone sings there every Thursday night, and usually outside when it is warm. That added onto everyone else partying at the apartments plus the sorority and fraternity that's across the street was enough to make me go home as much as I possibly could and wish I had never signed a lease with the UV's. My roommate and I just got our deposits back and we did everything on the list that they gave us that says what to clean. Yet they still deducted $65 from each of our return deposits because we didn't wax the kitchen or bathroom floors, which that wasn't even on the list. I think the only good thing about this place is the maintenance people are quick and they do a good job. You also get a free $50 gift card every month to 7th and Elm, but after a couple months you get tired of eating hamburgers and greasy food. You can't use the gift cards towards alcohol either, by the way. I absolutely hated this place and did not have a good school year partially because of it. If you are looking into renting from University Village Apartments, consider yourself warned.
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University Village Apartments

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