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Hills-Aberdeen Luxury Apartment Homes



Resident · 2007
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
We spent eleven months at the Hills of Aberdeen. I enjoyed the office staff very much; management always responded to my questions and concerns. Maintenance on the other hand was awful and I had the worst time getting the maintenance manager to fix the actual issue, he seemed to know everything better and would never come at times I had requested and therefore many things were not completed, as they should have been. There was a maintenance assistant who did his work very well and I just tried to deal with him and the problems were solved. The pool was kept up and clean, there are always people that leave a mess and do not clean up after themselves, but the grounds were always picked up and clean. We did have an awful amount of critters in the house but that was due to a maintenance issue not fixed when asked. I would have enjoyed staying longer but due to the military we move frequently and needed to end our lease early. There were no problems with the security deposit; we actually thought that is was very reasonable. The last months water bill is deducted and the rest is sent back to you, unless there is damage of coarse. It may not be the best for children but is a quiet community and very safe. Every place we have lived there are always tenants that are loud and do things to make life easy on themselves and harder on others. If you do not let anyone know then you can not expect the problem to be fixed. The trash may have been a bit annoying since some people are too lazy to use their own bins but when I called management and requested another bin and the full bin to be removed it was done right away. Management is great it is the maintenance that is awful and I fixed most everything myself after realizing that he was not able to fix things when asked. He may be busy but everyone I came in contact with had issues with only him. He also walked into my apartment while I was in the shower and then realized I was home and left right away. He thought that he could just come when it suited him and after that I asked to be called whenever someone entered my home. That worked well with me. Rent is reasonable for the area. I found many other complexes with smaller square footage and no amenities for the same price. The pool was great and we enjoyed every day in the summer. There should be more activities for the tenants such as cookouts or small neighborhood meetings.
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Hills-Aberdeen Luxury Apartment Homes

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