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Hills-Aberdeen Luxury Apartment Homes



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
I looked for an apartment for about three months before i finally decided on aberdeen. aberdeen looked nice and well maintained and seemed too good to be true for an apartment, although the price was a bit high. looks can be very decieving... When I moved in, i signed a lease saying that pool and fitness center access was free. I'm glad my lease was up, becuase they are apparently charging $20 for key card access to the pool and fitness center now. They were saying it's due to overcrowding, but the pool and fitness center were never overcrowded from what I experienced. I also heard my neighbors when they came home, smelled cigarette smoke (I don't smoke), had horrendously leaky windows (which were patched up, but never fixed), couldn't have any visitors because there was nowhere for them to park, had a huge problem with silverfish (they were everywhere when i first moved in, and were still showing up when i left), froze my butt off no matter how high the thermostat was set, and was sooooo tired of the apartment complex kids running around sticking chewing gum on my door. The construction here was very poor - the windows to patio weren't even fitted right - there was a huge gap (about a half an inch to an inch) between the windows and the frame and i had to put new lining around the front door because you could literally see into the apartment when the door was locked and closed. The flat paint used in the bathrooms (which shouldn't be used in bathrooms) was so cheap that my walls looked like they were leaking by the time my lease was up. Neighbors loved taking my trash can, so i just put my trash in someone else's can until i got mine back and my garage gathered oodles of water after it rained or snowed (so much that it came into my apartment and flooded the area by my door). You DO NOT get what you pay for - luxury is not the best word to describe these apartments. landscaping wasn't too bad - but beware of doggy doo - most tenants were good about picking it up - but others weren't. The only good thing i can say about aberdeen is that most of the office staff is very friendly and they do tell you which day maintenance will be coming to your apartment, as opposed to them just walking in when your getting out of the shower. p.s. I paid a cleaning fee when i signed a lease - but my apartment was very dirty when i moved in - gross. This was a suprise to me because my last apartment was virtually spotless when i moved in - and i left it the same. Apparently, they don't do that at aberdeen. Not worth the $150 paid to apparently clean it. I expected aberdeen to live up to the claims of the staff, but i was left very disappointed. I actually couldn't wait to go... such a shame.
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Hills-Aberdeen Luxury Apartment Homes

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