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Hills-Aberdeen Luxury Apartment Homes



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
this place is horrible, i have lived in this dump for a couple months and looks can be deceiving. unfortunately i moved here from out of state and was unable physically see the place so i went of off online pictures. first of if you want to be able to use your cell phone forget it, i often have to leave to use my phone or at least go in the parking lot on a clear day for it to work. second is if you like using your computer this is not the place, i shouldn't complain because the internet is free but seriously, it should not be as slow as it is and their appears to be no effort in fixing or replacing. the place offers directv which is nice but it took me 6 weeks to get hooked up because supposedly none of the buildings are wired correctly and the people who are responsible for hooking up the directv do everything they can to avoid hooking you up, oh and their is also no HD programming either. i tried to see if i could get a different building or change my lease to 6 months and they offered me no help at all and that i have to deal with it. these may all seem like small problems but all at once creates a lot of stress, especially for someone like me who needs phone service and a decent internet provider for work which i often find myself having to go to panera bread when i shouldn't have to.
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Hills-Aberdeen Luxury Apartment Homes

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