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Hills-Aberdeen Luxury Apartment Homes



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
Ok, I may be a bit biased because I am writing this at 3am.... ONLY because this is the NORMAL time for them to plow the stupid road (regardless of the fact that this storm brought only 3 inches of snow to the area). Given they use the loudest plow company in town, don't bother trying to sleep whenever their is snow. My neighbors have also spoken with the office about this- and all they can say is that it is necessary for your safety. They go cheap on everything they can. Don't waste your time. The outside looks nice, but that's a huge cover. Problems (other than the snowplow company): -The pipes for your neighbors- right above your head in the ceiling and wall by your bed in the room. EVERY time the flush or use any water- it also wakes you up because it sounds like a monsoon right above your head. -Garage leaks, as other raters mentioned whenever it rains hard or the snow melts- so don't bother trying not to track mud in. (Again, poor construction) -As others have mentioned, a 1 bedroom will run around 100 for electric in the winter given that the heat sucks- windows all leak cold air so you have to crank it up. -TV- Do you want DVR or the nice new thing that ooh, I don't know, anyone with a new TV wants called HD? Forget about it they don't offer it here nor can you get it. -Internet- slow as hell, and sometimes cuts out. You cant pick your own service either, they don't allow it. -So called freebies- like your worthless internet and clubhouse are NOT free, they raise the rent. I don't use either of them, and yet I am still charged 25 for internet and 15 to use the clubhouse I never use as part of my rent, check the fees. -Parking sucks if you have visitors. -They have a special heater which uses steam, so hot water in the winter is a rarity. I do enjoy my 3 minute showers when the heat is on since they hot water is also used by my heater. Its not so bad in the summer, but in the winter- you better learn to get rinsed quickly and to not like showers. -The fireplace is gas, but its useless, it doesn't even heat well- waste of space. -The Direc-TV people aren't through Direc-TV, so it takes them 2-3 weeks to get out to your place when you move in or need service for your satellite. Don't bother calling Direc-TV, they wont help you (I tried!). The Good: -Well, they arent outweighed by the bads, but I will let you know the pool does appear to be clean and well kept. -The office people are nice, though I have only met them a couple times. -I would say its not a bad price, but I have seen just as good in nearby Chesterton with garage. Its location is nice though. Overall, not the best or the worst place to live, but when your paying 800-1200 a month in rent, you don't expect mediocre, you want quality. You wont get it here. I wouldn't bother, I will be moving out in a month when my lease expires.
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Hills-Aberdeen Luxury Apartment Homes

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