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Hills-Aberdeen Luxury Apartment Homes



Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
We have lived here since October of 09. We are very happy with our apartment. We looked at many other complexes in the area and nothing was even close to what you get here. We looked at newer places that had more upgrades, but as far as amenities go, they had them beat. I see folks posting that the price is a little high here, but no one tells you that you get garbage pick up, basic cable and free internet included. Plus the plowing that someone was complaining about. If you have to leave at 4:30 in the morning, like many that commute to Chicago from here, you appreciate that the parking lot and walkways are clear when you leave. So what if it was only 3 inches of snow...it was 3 inches you didn't have to push around :) Yes, high speed internet would be better...but its free?? Also- the $20 fee for the key to the fitness center and pool/hot tub (which is heated and spotless)is a steal. If you had to pay to use a gym you would pay at least that per month. The equipment is adequate and well maintained. That key also provides a 24 hour security camera at the gym that is time stamped every time you enter. Great safety feature if you ask me. I have a 15 year old daughter who uses that gym as well as us. I like the fact that if, God forbid, there was any kind of incident there, we have a bit of peace of mind because of that. As far as parking...that is a little bit of an issue on the weekends. Maybe an out lot should have or be considered...I believe its a bit of the luck of the draw. We are on an outer building and have very little issue when it comes to our 2 vehicles, but notice on the the weekends that the center buildings parking areas get pretty crowded. If those things might be a problem for you, ask the staff when you are looking if there is availability on an outer building with more ample space. They are very accommodating. And yes, there are quite a few children running around...its an apartment complex, not a retirement village. My son is part of some of those little crowds running around. I appreciate the the fact that families are catered to here. The maintenance staff if friendly and tolerant of them and I have even seen them throw a ball around with them... As far as loud neighbors go...its an apartment....I'm positive they hear you too, so think about that the next time you accidentally let a cabinet door slam or you drop a dish...We were thoughtful when picking our apartment. We had the option at the time from choosing from all three levels. We picked an upper, outer unit. We face the woods on all sides and have no one above us to listen too. If those things bother you, then just put some thought into it before choosing. Our unit was spotless when we moved in. Carpet had been replaced and it literally felt brand new. Every issue we have had that concerned maintenance is addressed quickly and with apologies as well as great follow up from the office staff. They always call before entering, leave a notice when they are there and you are not and its nice to not see a staffing turn over every month. We were encouraged...yes, encouraged to paint and make this feel like home. That is not something that most apartments allow. We have friends that just moved into the building across from us and they have had basically the same experience. This is a nice alternative to many (any?) of the other places in the area. Don't allow the negative comments sway you. Take a look and ask lots of questions so that you can have a positive experience here as well.
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Hills-Aberdeen Luxury Apartment Homes

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