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214 Marstellar Street, West Lafayette, IN 47906
214 Marstellar Street, West Lafayette, IN 47906

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Collegiate Communities



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/24/2010
I lived in Collegiate Communities for 2 years and while I loved the location and other tenants in the building, I had an absolutely HORRIBLE experience dealing with the landlords and office staff. The other tenants in the building and I were repeatedly harrassed to pay charges we never owed and were never provided valid documentation of. When we disputed these claims, they backed off and said they had made a mistake. But this didn't just happen once- it happened REPEATEDLY! Because I had so many problems while living there, I required Collegiate Communities to give me a letter saying that I did not owe anything upon move out. Thank god I did! 1 year after I moved out I was called by a collection agency to pay over 350 dollars that CC said I owed. I had never been notified by CC before that date. They said that I had been sent notices (although I hadn't) and threatened to ruin my credit! It is illegal to have a collection agency notify you if you have not been notified several times about the charges. I disputed the claim and provided the documentation that Collegiate Communities themselves had given me. Basically, they said "Sorry, you don't owe anything!" They also called my other roomates and friends from the building with the same story and when confronted, backed down and admitted they "made a mistake." A bunch of us have notified the Attorney General and BBB for investigation. They are crooks trying to steal money from college students- STAY AWAY! ALSO- One of the ceiling lamps from our apartment fell on my head and shattered on my skull. I had to go the emergency room and CC never acknowledged the incident or apologized, although we notified them of the incident. They did fix the lamp, but never looked to see if I was ok or offered to pay the charges for the emergency room. The apartments aren't in good shape and way overpriced. There are better deals around that won't give you the trouble that CC will!
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Collegiate Communities

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