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Whispering Winds by the Woods



Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
I've been living at Whispering Winds for 7 months now. I am def. looking forward to my lease ending. There have been several issues that make living here undesirable, but let me start with the positives. The woods are pretty Assigned parking Relatively cheap rent Pet friendly Relatively quiet neighbors On the bus route Water included Electric Only Lots of closet space Cleaners come and vacuum the stairs every now and then They remove snow in a timely manner Now for the negatives... -My bathroom ceiling has leaked 3 times so far, and only once was it fixed... and that was after it fell completely down. (I'm not exaggerating, and I've included a picture.) It was only the day after I moved in, and you would think the leak would have been fixed/inspected prior to move in. This cave in would have seriously hurt someone, and my bathroom was unusable for days. To make matters worse, maintenance was called before it fell, after it fell, and they didn't come for almost 24 hrs... that was after I emailed them pictures. -There are cockroaches. I keep my apartment very clean, and I still have seen many of them. THEY ARE GROSS. -There are mice. They are so loud at night in the walls, they wake me up. -A certain neighbor refuses to put his 2 BIG dogs on a leash. One looks like a pit bull mix. I have no problem with their "no breed restrictions" rule, as long as people will have control of their animals. When I called the office, after the 4th confrontation with this person, they basically told me I have to prove it with a picture. These dogs are out of control, and I often feel unsafe walking my dogs outside. -Some of the neighbors are rough, and I have seen the cops here at night several times. One night a lady came to my door crying, and begging me for money. -Baseboard heater are ineffective. Window AC unit is also ineffective. My highest electric bill so far was over $100. -No washer and dryers in the unit.. which might not seem like such a big deal now, but trust me, it gets REALLY old having to lug your dirty laundry around, and pay out the nose to run it. (Not to mention all the time it takes to wait for it.) So there you have it, my experience in a nutshell. ; )
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Whispering Winds by the Woods

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