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Whispering Winds by the Woods



Resident · 2012 - 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
My main issue is with the other tenants. My neighbors are trash. You wouldn't think that you would have to put up a sign telling adults not to leave trash in the door way and storage area, but you could barely walk through. They can't even manage to go all the way outside to smoke; they just stand in the hallway so I get to smell and breath in smoke every time I step outside my door. Several times I could feel the pounding of the music from people TWO FLOORS ABOVE ME. The third time I called the office about it they told me I could call the cops. The office should want to avoid the police being called and I am sure that they could charge people after that many complaints. One day a pregnant lady knocked on my door wanting to use my phone to call the police after she apparently had a fight with her boyfriend in the parking lot. If the cop had not seen her in my apartment, I would be afraid they would come back to rob me. The creepy neighbors make the apartment not feel safe. The children playing at the basketball hoop in the parking lot have the worst language I have ever heard. I think this says a lot about their parents. One day I found rodent droppings under my kitchen sink. It was over a week of calling and dropping in before I got the maintenance guys over and then they patched the hole on the outside therefore if the rodent was in there it would be trapped inside the hole and my apartment. I had to call back to get them to block the hole under my sink. After all this the exterminator finally came by and all he did was leave sticky traps and poison. Sticky traps do not kill the rodents. I would either have to kill the rodent myself or throw it away alive, if the rodent did not rip its feet off trying to get away. When I first moved in I went to the office with a list of maintenance issues. They never came to fix anything. I called months later to finally get my kitchen sink to stop dripping because the sound was so irritating. My shower has never worked so I have to use the tub. The range head is about to fall off. One of the front burners tends to fall apart so I have to just shove it back together the best I can. The writing on the knobs to the oven are so worn that all I can do is turn it to broil. Days before I moved in I kept calling, begging them to talk to the current tenant about cancelling their cable because I could not make an appointment to set up my cable until they did. I had to have my cable the day I moved in because I needed to get online to study for a final exam the day after. The cable lady eventually called the tenant (it was not her job, she was a sales rep.) because she felt bad for me.
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Whispering Winds by the Woods

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