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Whispering Winds by the Woods



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
False advertisement online, the rent is not what it states, they don't tell you about the water, trash and sewage we pay that makes it go up. We are responsible for all utilities as well. The property is not taken well care of. The walkways are not lit up at night. The pavement we were told was to be all repaved and that never happened. The pool was supposed to open this summer and be updated as well. That seized to happen. They told us that they were going to install a new basketball hoop, and that didn't happen. The outside is not kept up, as trash is everywhere and the laundry room is not the best. They raised the price without saying for laundry and then added a very expensive coke machine? Raise the laundry price and add a new coke machine that no one will hardly use? Our apartment had no screens, we requested them to put some in several times, taking 3 months. Mind you that is not safe for a child if they wanted to open it. We could not enjoy the spring air and had to use our ac unit that ran our bill high. They are outdated ac units that do not work well. For a long time the apartments sat empty, one of the maintenance men told me. They were ruined and ran down. The apartments that are empty have old furniture on them and beds and have not yet been cleaned up, yet we get a lease violation for having a toy jeep on our balcony. It is swarming with spiders, and insects. They should spray for them being next to the nice "wooded property"... If they do you cannot tell, as insects are everywhere. They are also bad in the apartments and corridors. The corridors are not lit up and lights are out and never get changed and cleaned. We had one guy sweep it 3 times since i lived here and haven't seen anyone since. Bugs fill the lights, and spiders fill the windows. The windows are cracked in our corridor and no one has seemed to bother to fix it. The storage that your supposedly supposed to be able to use, can't be because they are junk and broken and disgusting. The basement entrances are unbelievably dirty and not clean. Musty smell in apartment and building itself. Very old and not worth the money, Property management will also tow any vehicles and not work with you at any point. They let junk cars that don't work just sit there for months on end and tow a tenant who is responsible. This causing hardships on their tenants and taking there money. The property management leasing agents as well as the property manager are as rude as can be on the phone and talk down to you like they are above you. They say they do things and will do things and don't. They are all promises and no action. Very convincing but that is just to get you there. Do not buy into it. I do not feel safe here with the community. The cops there often, and loud tenants that do not get told to stop. It is grungy and kind of creepy. I do not recommend for families, or families with children. They are conjoined with the apartments across the way, and expect you to use those amenities and not the ones that were promised to you. They are not equipped. They treat whispering winds like its crap but beautifully hidden in the woods, so they don't show the mess and unkempt areas.
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Whispering Winds by the Woods

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