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The Fields of New Durham

1823 S. River Road

Westville, IN 46391



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chico85 • Resident 2009 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2011
I have lived here for 2 years and it has been the worst 2 years of my life. I'll make this simple with a pros and cons list. Pros: Right across for Purdue University North Central Allows pets. That is all. Cons: Management is AWFUL. They know nothing about real estate or running an apartment complex Maintenece is even worse. My toliet was broke the day I moved in. it constantly ran and was extremley noisy. I told them the day I moved in that it needed fixing along with a ton of other stuff in my apartment. It took them 6 months to fix the toliet and it wasn't anything major. They constanly gave me excuses "oh we need to install a brand new toliet." "The one we ordered arrived broken" etc... I eventually moved from a downstairs to an upstairs and my window in my room was broke, I moved into the upstairs apt a year ago and the window.........STILL BROKEN. The drainage system is pathetic, and they don't even fix it for you. I constantly have to go to wal-mart and buy draino or liquid plumber and fix my bathtub and sink. Money spent on that that I could be using for gas, food, schoo, etc...If you don't get draino or liquid plumber be prepared to bathe in your own filth Security: PATHETIC. My car has been keyed at least 4 times and I am spending money on it to get it fixed. People are always drunk here. I had my 5 and 7 year old cousins over one night and some drunk punk came and started KICKING my door for no reason then took a bat and started smashing it. I put my cousins in my room with my friend and had them lock the door went outside with a bst of my own and saw dents in my door........dents that the Landlord said I WAS responsible for. Are you kidding? There are a lot of ------ people coming here and they are beyond annoying, playing music at 3am and dancing on cars. Kids playing football and frisbee and baseball and also college students and then they hit cars and run off leaving massive dents in them. Resident life here is a joke. They harass you over a barking dog but don't take action when somebody eggs your car, keys it, or takes a bat to your door. Classy. Parties: If you don't like parties don't even consider this place. There is always a party going on and when you get up and go outside in the morning expect to see vomit and beer cans everywhere. Roomate Problems: If you still are considering this place keep this in mind. If you don't have somebody coming to live with you they at anytime can assign you a random stranger for a roommate. I had an awful experience with my first roommate. He was ------, smelled awful, never did laundry and would come home at 1am and start screaming non sense about the end of the world. It got to the point where they had to have him moved to a different unit and I will not discuss this mess any further for privacy reasons and also legal reasons. My second roomamte was a drunk. He'd come home every weekend from somewhere and be WASTED and would ask me stupid questions about where he was. I have 5 good friends that lived her that had roommates assigned, all 5 moved out the second they could due to problems with roommates. Rent: Rent is so inconsistent every month it makes me wonder if they are just picking random numbers. One month its 550 next its 630 then 590 then 626 then 540. Am I living on the Price is Right set?
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The Fields of New Durham

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