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The Fairways at Derby



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/23/2013
The office staff at the Fairways is very rude and acts as if any perspective renters are a bother and not worth spending time helping. My wife and mother in law stopped by on 7-22-13 to check out the facility and were treated very poorly by the assistant manager -----. He would respond to their questions very sarcastically and not explain things to them... just give vague answers. They were working with ----- who is new and still learning. She was very pleasant to work with. After some of the paperwork was filled out she took it toevin who rudely said they EACH needed to fill one out. My father in law was not present at the time so my wire asked how they could do that when he wasn't there. Once again he rudley said , just fill them both out. Both what? My wife asked and he just said, both em them. She asked, you mean I can fill out the form? And he rudley said, yes! I don't care WHO fills it out, just fill it out!!!! There are several other things he said and did, but this is all I feel like writing. In would avoid this place if at all possible!!!!!! We are looking elsewhere!
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The Fairways at Derby

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