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The Fairways at Derby



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/03/2013
These apartments are a joke! Do NOT move here! If I could give this place zero stars I would. First off, all of management is completely unhelpful, rude, and unprofessional. They don't care at all about their tenants or any problems they may have during the duration of their stay here. I live on a ground floor apartment and my upstairs neighbor is very noisy and inconsiderate. I have been woken up several times early in the morning hours or late at night with her stomping around upstairs. My job requires me to be up early in the morning every day. I've called management and made several noise complaints and nothing was ever done about it. Apparently I'm just making up all of these issues in my head. Angela was very rude on the phone and just brushed me off. Also, every time I go into the office to voice a complaint it just gets put on the back-burner. Angela just looks at me like I'm from another planet. Quiet hours are supposedly from 10 pm until 10 am. I called and made my noise complaints during this time-frame every time and was only told "That's just normal apartment noise." Ok, so it's normal for my upstairs neighbor to stomp around and make noise between the hours of 3-5 am every day? I just don't understand why there is a rule considering quiet hours when it is not enforced at all? Why allow tenants to make noise complaints when you don't do anything to rectify the situation? My husband and I also have a serious bug/spider infestation and again, nothing is ever done about that either. I've seen several spiders in our apartment that were quarter-size, some even bigger. Quite frankly, I'm worried about my safety here. Management "claims" to have come and sprayed our apt a couple times, but it only seems to exacerbate the bug problem. Other tenants who live here are also very noisy and inconsiderate, they all slam their doors at all hours of the night. People who have dogs also let them defecate all over the grass in front of the buildings and then don't pick it up afterward. I'm pretty sure this violates the policy, however, management continues to look the other way and not do anything about it. Also, one last thing. In the winter management also doesn't plow the parking lots here either. So if you don't own a 4-wheel drive vehicle, you're screwed. Parking is also not organized at all in these apartments. It's all first come, first serve. I can honestly say I've never lived in a worse place in my life. If you're smart you'll take heed to my advice and not move here. You'll seriously regret it if you do.
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The Fairways at Derby

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