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1401 East Patriot Avenue, Derby, KS 67037
1401 East Patriot Avenue, Derby, KS 67037

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The Fairways at Derby



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/18/2013
(1) Parking is a joke. There is no assigned parking and it is first come first served. I work until midnight and when I get home I sometimes have to park 3 or 4 buildings away from mine. (2) I live in a building with no pets allowed, no exceptions. However, the people above me have a "service dog" that barks all day long when they are not home. I work nights and sleep in the day so the barking is interrupting my sleep. The office staff were no help in addressing this issue. (3) Pest control is a joke. They "spray" quarterly but their idea of spraying is picking one or two walls in a room and spraying those baseboards. That's it. I've never witnessed a thorough spray. Spiders run rampant here. (4) Gated community. What's the point of paying to live in a gated community when the gates rarely ever work? Nine times out of ten when I come home at night the gates are wide open and not functioning. (5) Customer service is lacking. They don't seem to care about anything except making the company money. I understand they are in business to make money, but if they don't keep their customers happy, there won't be any customers any longer. (6) They do not plow the parking lots when it snows. During the two bad snowstorms we had early this year, the main road between the two sides of the complex was impassable for almost two weeks! I saw numerous vehicles stuck in the parking spaces or on the road for that whole time. If you don't have a 4x4 then forget it. (7) I am leaving next month and it won't be a minute too soon! You have been warned!
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The Fairways at Derby

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