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1401 East Patriot Avenue, Derby, KS 67037
1401 East Patriot Avenue, Derby, KS 67037

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The Fairways at Derby



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2011
Rudest apartment complex ever. I'd rather live in the apartments i lived in before that had mold in them. I had dishes in the sink from lunch an hour before quarterly inspections, I was given an eviction warning because its a health hazard and can attract bugs. Next quarter, i was eating lunch and had a can of soda out. Final eviction warning, health hazard and can attract bugs. Did okay for the next couple of quarters (somehow). Quarterly inspections are when they replace air filters and check smoke detectors but somehow i don't believe that's what they're really for. Another inspection comes by, eviction warning, i have clothes by the washing machine needing to be washed and a few of my sons toys are on the floor. Next quarterly inspection, final eviction warning, a few toys on the floor......... that's it. I'm sorry i left out the part where i was using my tables to place things on them but apparently tables are really used for something else and i just didn't get the memo. I think they hate me because i like sunlight. Confused? Blinds are to be CLOSED at all times. Why do we even have windows? Why didn't they just fill it in with more wall if they were that concerned? So all in all, I'm not allowed to eat, have a can of soda, my son can't play with toys, tables are not to be used as tables, sunlight bad, I have to clean my room everyday, and frankly I'm TERRIFIED that if I don't do my homework, "mommy" is going to kick me out. On another note... who paints concrete walkways? Dumb idea... I wasn't allowed inside or out while it dried. Bunch of ----'s....
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The Fairways at Derby

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