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The Fairways at Derby



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/05/2012
I had a 1br 1ba apartment since fall of 2008 and now moving out this fall 2012. Never really had any problems but this place isn't what it is portrayed to be at all. Yea its nice to have access to a few bikes and elliptical machines to work out but in no way shape or form is that a "gym". Whats the point of having a tanning bed when the bulbs are never changed?. Why does Angela seem so bothered when you ask a question. Oh I'm sorry I should have realized when I came home the night before and saw you and your buddies partying in the apartment you have above the clubhouse that I shouldn't ask you questions while you are playing solitaire on the main office computer...my bad. Its nice to have washer/dryer in apartment, access to the pools a, "business center", and a "gym". But the price reflects this already and you are upping rent prices this year. "Maintenance" is joke I had one request the entire time I lived there and that was for a threshold that was damaged on the main door letting air out causing the HVAC unit to run more than it should. I put a small blanket down after I informed them of the problem....6 months later they came out and fixed it..guess what 2 days later (after the called to confirm it had been fixed of course) It just ------- sank back down in the doorframe. I don't own the property so I'm not going to worry about water getting if it does snow this winter and molds the carpet. That's on management. Hilary the leasing agent at the time (who has since left the company..good for her) was extremely nice and helpful when I first moved it. I believe Kevin is now heading the maintenance and leasing but when I come to tell you that I will be moving out soon and to get paperwork started you act like I'm ------- personally insulting you...there is a reason you manage apartments and don't hold a professional career... you are dumb. Don't ever try to under mind someone else when your job requires a G.E.D, basic computing skills and if possible a general knowledge of hand tools. Changing air filters isn't a science guys drop your attitudes...its not "luxury" when you have 1 ------- sprinkler you drag around the property and let run all night and expect it to save the grass and baby trees on the property. Get real. This is place for college kids occasionally and military people that will be here temporarily. nothing more
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The Fairways at Derby

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