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101 Aspen, Gardner, KS 66030
101 Aspen, Gardner, KS 66030

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Aspen Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/28/2013
Man, this review has been a long time coming. My family rented from Aspen Place for 11 years. Like a lot of the older posters here, we had a lot of good experiences when we first moved in. The old maintenance guy was amazing and friendly and fixed everything right the first time. I really missed the old manager too. The new staff, though, is a nightmare to deal with. We had a toilet that started leaking through the ceiling. Maintenance would replace the wax ring, but it would just start leaking again in two to three months. This went on for about 18 months before we just transfered units. Every time we called it would be 2 to 5 days before they'd get around to fixing it. In the mean time, we couldn't flush the toilet, or the out flow would drip into the laundry room. We even had to cancel a birthday party because they didn't get around to fixing the issue in time. We had a problem with cockroaches for a short time. We had neighbors move into the duplex that brought them into the unit. They were really dirty tenants and soon got evicted. We asked the office to please clean the unit so we could get rid of the roaches. All they did was spray but that didn't get rid of the problem. It took them three months to clean out the unit and we were left to battle the infestation on our own. After the unit was cleaned out we finally got rid of them with a combination of bait and insect growth inhibitor. (on our own dime, btw) We had a real problem with them over a water leak in our new town home. We had a leak when we first moved in. It leaked through the wall, and into the living room carpet. After calling it in, it took three days to fix. The water was left in the wall and carpet for us to deal with. The second time, it took them five days to fix the leak. It took three days for the maintenance to figure what needed to be fixed. The location of the large puddle of water wasn't a clue apparently. Genius, right? Then they wouldn't work in the utility room until we moved the litter boxes. Then it took them two more days to finish the job. This is becoming a novel, so I'll try to wrap this up. As part of the repair, the carpet was cut up, the pad replaced, and the carpet was glued back down. The seam from where it was cut frayed and came up when we vacuumed. Then when we moved several months later, we saw the wall where the water came through had not been dried out, had molded, and the mold had spread to the carpet and our couch. The photo attached here shows the mold along the edges of the carpet and where my couch sat on the carpet. It was also growing underneath the carpet. Now, we were charged $1250 against our deposit when we moved out. We were charged for the cut up and moldy carpet. They claimed it was covered in cat urine and not mold. We were charged to repaint the walls because of "excessive dirt and cat urine." I have photos of all the walls that show that is a bald faced lie. The walls were perfectly undamaged aside from the water damage and some peeling paint. We were charged to replace the storm door. I have photos and video showing it was not damaged. When confronted, they admitted that it did not need to be replaced. They tried to charge us for repainting the cabinets. Again, photos show that they are lying about them being dirty. They claimed cat urine soaked through the vinyl and into the subfloor (how does that even happen?). Yet there are NO stains on the vinyl that would indicate urine damage. They also padded the receipt for the carpet and vinyl with extra bulk items. The carpet itself only cost them $100. There were charges for 324 square feet of pad (for 194 square feet of carpet). There was 324 square feet of green tile (for a 30 square foot closet). Plus they charged us $199 for sealing the floor on the receipt (Prelude is floor sealant). And then they tried to charge us $250 for sealing the floor again on a separate line in their accounting. Soooooo, in conclusion, don't rent with them if you can help it. If you are already a tenant, watch your back with these guys. Document everything. If anyone needs help dealing with a similar situation, respond here and I'll help if I can.
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