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Aspen Place Apartments



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Office Staff
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Reviewed 04/13/2012
After living here over 6 years the staff has gone through many changes. When I first moved in the staff was nice and helpful; that's a completely different story now. The manager does nothing but lie and is very rude. She treats people like they are too stupid to know when they're lied to. The old maintenance men used to be very good at fixing things quickly and were friendly. The new guys they have hired now are extremely rude! They take days to show up, if they show up at all. I have reported problems up to 3 times in two weeks for the same issue and saw no results each time. My neighbors on both sides smoke and there are days I feel like I live in a bar, it gets so thick in there. The smoke leaks in from half an inch wide gaps in the walls, under the sink, where the pipes run through the walls. I had to get foam spray to fill the gaps and it still travels through the vents. The pipes are old and so are the trees on the property so my tub constantly backs up. This went on for a year until my neighbor moved out and they unclogged his drain. I kept telling them that the clog may be in between the units and they may need to run a snake down both units drains but no one would listen. There was a leak under the tub leading down into the kitchen. It got so bad that the ceiling crumbled and underneath was mold. When I reported this leak for the 100th time and the mold, the manager tried claiming it wasn't mold, that the apartments have never had mold. Well if you have a leak it's bound to get moldy if it isn't fixed. Parking is horrible if you live in a town home. There is only room for each unit to have one car so if your neighbors have multiple cars or regular visitors good luck finding a spot! I have had to park at the end of the street and walk a block or more at times; with my groceries, my baby and all of my baby's things. If a street lamp goes out it took a year before it finally was taken care of after my neighbors and I reporting it. They installed speed bumps to try to slow cars down because a child was hit and they didn't think of the poor drainage issues that already occur. The entrances and around the speed bumps become ponds whenever there is more than a sprinkle of rain. The trash dumpsters are placed in the mud so there are 2 foot tire indentations to fall through to throw trash away. Potholes and slanting, cracked sidewalks aren't fixed unless you live next to the office. I could go on but this is already a book.
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Aspen Place Apartments

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