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Aspen Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2012
I have lived here for over a year and i agree with all the previous posts. The cracked out looking manager if really rude. She never has a smile on her face at all. They dont do ---- to fix up the apartment. You cant get upgrades untill you move out. Out sidewalk has two huge --- cracks from tree trucks growing underneath. When i was pregnant i acidently stepped on a crack wrong and almost fell. My fiance proceeded to inform that miss high wench that it needed to be fixed. She told him for two months that they had to get a contract to fix it, and then tells him that they wont fix the sidewalk. Wtf!. If you live in a townhome with no parking in the back you are basically screwed on parking unless you are very blunt with them where you park.The neighbors are so inconsiderate where everyone parks especially if you have a baby. The only good thing about this apartment complex is the rent is cheap, and you dont have to pay for water or sewer. Oh and other pain in the --- is other peoples dogs. There is a "limit" on dog weight. It is suppose to be under 40 pounds. I see boxers, german sheppards, labs, huskies all around this complex. Now i know they weigh more than 40 pounds. Very few tenets clean up after their dogs. The office doesnt inforce it until they get too many complaints. Other than that, if my fiance and I could afford it, we'd be out of here and into a better apartment.
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Aspen Place Apartments

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