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Aspen Place Apartments



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johnnybananas89 • Prospective Resident 2003 Recommended
Reviewed 12/22/2007
My dad and my two younger siblings (14 and 11) live in these duplexes/homes. They are not apartments. My father and them moved into a 2BD place about 4 years ago from Wellsville and they seem to have truly enjoyed living there. I haven't heard a word of them moving anytime soon since because both of the kids still have to go to school around there. Anyway, I did live there a month this past summer once I finished High School but moved to be closer to my new job and here's what I learned. I'll break it down by pros and cons. PROS: Close to new 'strip mall' located on Moonlight Street which includes Austin's Bar and Grill, a tanning salon, Spring Nextel, a bank, and some other places that I can't exactly remember... Garages if you pay (not sure how much)... CONS: TONS OF KIDS!!! Not that's it's a bad thing it's just a lot of kids play around the neighborhood at all times of the day and can cause problems... My brother's bike had been stolen while on a leash and torn... Sometimes can hear the neighbors alarm go off but have never heard a TV or people arguing and esp. the single mother with the 2 kids living next door... Parking can be a hassle if since a lot of people park in the street but then again it's not too bad if you have just 1 or 2 cars per house... No 'fun features' such as fitness center and pool but there are one's located close-by. There is however a samll park on the east side and tons of field area... Located very close to the airport so you'll hear some airplanes flying by and as well trains passing by and blowing their horn at 4 in the morning... There WILL be at least 2-4 parties around the complex on the weekends so Beware... I'm planning on moving back down to Gardner and looking into moving into Aspen Place for myself since KCK isn't really cutting it out for me. Overall the place is really not that bad if you can handle tons of kids. It's a nice small-town feel but not too lavish... Affordable but the deposit can be quite ridiculous. Make sure to visit with them and get a tour to really get a full idea of the place and the area. Oh another thing is I've never met the staff but I've heard good and bad things about it. Bad being that some requests take quiete a few days and the manager is usually gone for quite a bit in the lunch hours. Good being that they'll work hard at trying to satisfy everyone's needs.
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Aspen Place Apartments

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