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proudwife08 • Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2012
I can not even begin to tell you how horrible this business is! We lived in the eagle landing property for 13 months. The manager is a very case by case person. The people next to us were living there for almost rent free. They were mental unstable... I was very nice to them.. as any human would be. I gave them many things including food. All 3 of them sit at the front door and chained smoked. I had the smell in my living room and my bedroom. They dumpster dived and would have tons of boxes and trash bags in the front yard that they would pick through. The guy on the other side was ------ and had to have his sound blasting 24/7. Jungahns did nothing about this. And the cops never kept it anonymous. Moving out.. well, they are VERY quick to tell you that they have 30 days to get you your security deposit back. Its been 37 days. I have called twice this week alone. They keep giving me the run around.. so and so is in a meeting. And they never return phone calls. Also, when I moved out.. they still charged me rent.. yes it was returned to me, but having an bank account that is negative $895 doesn't look well with your new landlord. I have a friend who was moving out at the same time, and she is going through the same stuff, although she got her deposit, it was nothing because of things they claimed they had to do.. such as paint the bedroom, she had nothing hanging in her bedroom! Another guy I met said they claimed he didn't pay his rent when he did.. turns out that an employee was taking his money for herself. They are very rude when you go to see their rental listings, but as furture tendents, they would want your business.. right? I suggest personal landlords.. ahrn.com or craigslist. Good luck!
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