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Cambridge West



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Resident 2009 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/21/2012
I have lived in Cambridge West Apartments for over two years. When I moved in I got a good promotional rent rate with 12mo contract, one month free rent and only $99 security deposit. Pros: The apartment is one of the cheapest in the area, is spacious 1200 sqrt, 2bed/2full baths, balcony is large, apartments are walking distance to KUMC, Joyce - the apartment manager is friendly and seems to care, there is plenty of parking space - in fact even people who don't live there park there for free during daytime because management doesn't check and the gate is broken most of the time so you can drive through. From the street the apartments look nice because they maintain the outside landscaping well - different story when you're on the inside. I also liked the trees, bushes, and wildlife(birds, squirrels and racoons - you could see them around garbage bin) surrounding the apartments and the rock wall - makes it look nicer. There is poison ivy like one of the previous postings said but it's off the parking lot in the bushes and you don't need to worry about it so I do not consider it as a negative. Surprisingly not many bugs in my apartment for the condition it's in because they spray heavily and regularly. Cons: The apartments are close to a fire station and the siren is really really loud when the fire truck passes by even when all the windows are closed. The worst is at night when all the background noise quiets down then you can really hear them. Also Rainbow Blvd is a busy street during daytime with all the traffic coming to KUMC, but not nearly as loud as the sirens. The apartments are older and not maintained well. The electric gates leading into the parking lot were broken most of the time and left open - defeats the purpose of having a gated community. Even when they worked I had to punch in the code into the numberpad several times, which was shaky and in the winter frozen, for the gates to open every time I came in. When electricity went out then the gates would stay shut and you could not get out of the parking lot with your car and were trapped for hours until power came back. There is a pool in between the two buildings and off-season when it's closed there is trash floating in it like empty pop cans and paper, during on-season they clean it up but I never used it. There is some trash around the property especially around the garbage bin and it smells. Also there is a heavy urine smell by the north building gate and I just held my breath every day when I went through it, even when it rained heavily the urine smell always came back. There is no grilling on balcony policy but most people had large grills on balcony anyway and would grill even during business hours when Joyce was there. I was a bit worried the building might catch on fire because its wooden but it never did, although the garbage bin went up in flames once and the fire truck had to come and put out the fire - good thing they're close by. I think they started to crack down on the grills and by the time I moved out most people removed their grills from balcony. As for the inside of our apartment: the water heater has only enough water for one 10 minute shower, then you have to wait 20 min for more water to warm up. There is skylight in the living room but the skylight glass had several large cracks in it the whole time I lived there and looked like it would fall on someone standing underneath it-Joyce assured me it wouldn't. Also it was covered with heavy dust from the outside so not much light got through it and hence my living room was dark. The rubber moldings were peeling off in almost every room, the worst were the bathrooms-they just don't use enough glue-I've seen the maintenance glue it. Appliances are old. Fridge missing rails on shelves and leaking water from under, kitchen sink has cheap plastic faucet that broke, range broke several times and they just kept replacing the coils, out of 4 coils only 2 worked most of the time. The dishwasher leaked so I never used it. The wall AC are old and noisy and the new white ones that they're replacing it with are smaller and quieter but do not cool the room as well. As for heating during the winter I just bought my own heater so I don't have to use the wall AC. Also when I moved in the balcony had a wasp nest hanging from the ceiling but Joyce took it down. The maintenance is not very skilled but are polite and they do try to respond to your request at least the first time you ask, after that you'll have to wait a week before they come by again. For minor repairs I just did it myself for example when the bathroom light switch on the wall broke instead of waiting for the maintenance to come I just replaced it myself - it's faster, I have to use the bathroom and I can't wipe myself in the dark. I tried it and it didn't go well. I thought Joyce would give me a few bucks off on my rent but no such luck. When I moved into the apartment Joyce said they have never raised rent and then as soon as I was past the 12mo contract I got a notice taped to my door that they're raising my rent. The management also found a reason to keep my whole deposit when I moved out even though I cleaned the apartment thoroughly. Conclusion: The apartments are cheap but you get what you pay for.
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Cambridge West

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