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Horace Mann



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2017
Can't agree more with the previous review. I almost thought I wrote it. First year here was wonderful. No issues. New management took over and the quality of residents took a nose-dive. Then even newer management took over and it got worse. There's numerous residents with undisciplined, big dogs that are very loud and despite the potty pickup stations outside, a few specific residents leave their dog ---- all over the complex. They literally let their dogs ---- in front of the entrance doors if it's raining or snowing and don't pick it up. I feel like my complaints have not been taken seriously. There's constantly trash bags, mattresses, furniture and maintenance supplies left in front of unit doors for literally months, or in random places where they were abandoned because of laziness and despite my best efforts to find the culprits and report them, my landlord couldn't care less. All three entrances are propped open by residents either by the latch or a chair, and a few homeless people and evicted people are able to loiter in the communal space. The free "on-site" parking is constantly taken up by non-tenants, double parkers, and people who love to block the entrance to the apartment by parking their car there overnight. If you can't afford to pay for the private parking, you probably shouldn't park in the front of the building because you'll either have your car vandalized, step in dog ---- on your way to your car, or get physically blocked in by a resident's group of friends that had no where else to park. The landlord doesn't punish the people that make this complex unpleasant to live in and whoever is screening these residents must be blind. The communal dumpster is too communal as in the whole neighborhood thinks they can use it because it's easily accessible to the public so it can be hard to dispose of your trash when it's always overflowing with the whole towns trash. My landlord never answers my calls, never gives me a receipt for my rent, and hasn't resolved a serious issue I've had for a year. There is an on-site laundry facility but I stopped using it pretty quickly because the washing machines leave my clothes soaking wet at the end of a cycle, the dryers cycle will sometimes end too early requiring another quarter and just don't dry well. The washers are top loaders and I honestly think they're rigged for more money. If they got new machines, it would be a dream to wash my clothes downstairs as there is a bathroom and workout area immediately next to it and it's all in nice A/C. Onto the pros... I actually like my apartment. It's a nice space, a nice kitchen, bathroom, and roomy closet. Paying a flat rate every month and not having to worry about a utility bill or misc additions is great. Once I could afford the private parking, that's great too. According to my lease, I can paint my apartment and hang up whatever I want without any impact on my security deposit, which is a nice option. Also, the apartment is decently heated and cooled as necessary and I enjoy the shelter of the stairs being inside the building, as not all apartments have that actually inside the building. There are two treadmills, two ellipticals, a rowing machine, a weight bench, and one of those bo-flex things. No one has stolen any decorations I've put in front of my unit door and I've never noticed anyone else with missing decorations either. TL:DR; The foundation for a great complex is there, and the rules are in place, but they're not enforced, so living here has been miserable because of other residents being disrespectful, disgusting and the landlord not following up enough on complaints. It could always be worse, but I can do much better.
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Horace Mann

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