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Resident · 2004 - 2005
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I lived here while in nursing school. I overall liked my experience. This was convenient for me since I could walk to class and not deal with the horrible traffic is I-35. I lived in a two bedroom two bathroom apartment. I felt it was very spacious and was certainly comfortable while living there. Noise: It was noisy, but it's the middle of the city off of a main street and the high way. What more would you expect? I often could hear the high way traffic, ambulances going to the hospital, street traffic, and fire trucks (as the fire station was near). Honestly it becomes white noise after a month and you do just fine with it. I didn't hear my neighbors a whole lot... although there was one time I could here a very long loud sex experience above me. My roommate's bird was more noisy than anything else there! View: Wonderful view! I faced downtown and I was only on the fourth floor. It was extremely gorgeous. I loved to brag about this to my friends. Interior: Not run down, but not new either. Nothing really fancy to brag about. Definitely better than most student living places I've seen. Parking: Not the best! You could either pay $30 bucks for the underground parking or nothing for the parking lot parking. Obviously being a student I took the free parking. It wasn't horrible, I could almost always find a spot. But sometimes it took awhile. The parking lot isn't that big and lot of people made their own spots. Staff: They were ALWAYS pleasant downstairs! They would have cookies and muffins and welcome people in. They also give you a five day grace period on rent. They addressed our maintenance requests fairly quickly. Always within the same day. Only had a problem with my bathroom once. Ants: If you live in any of the apartments ending in 11, 12, & 13 you will have ant problems. Doesn't matter what floor you live on. Doesn't matter if you are clean. I am a neat freak and so was my roommate. There's a big infestation on that whole section of the building. The bug guy told us that himself... said it's been a problem for YEARS. Also, this apartment complex had a pool and fitness center. The fitness center was very convenient for me. Lastly, I read some people questioning the safety. Honestly, I felt fine in the building. Again, it's in the busy part of the city next to a hospital. Um... there are going to be bums around the neighborhood. I walked to class, work, and jogged daily and never had a problem. Occasionally, some guy would holler but honestly, I never saw or heard of anything happening beyond that. The KUMC cops patrol within a mile radius of the hospital. Out of my two years in the area I only heard of one car stereo theft and it wasn't even from our apartment complex, it was from someone parking on the streets. Hope that helps answer any questions.
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