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Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
I lived here 2007-2008. The apartment itself was nice. I rented a clean, spacious studio at a very reasonable rate. The security personnel at the front desk were always on the job and they were usually friendly and helpful (though the back door did not have any security beside the lock). It is true that the water was shut off regularly, but this was always between 9AM and 5PM when I was at school/work. It never affected my day to day life. Ants were an issue, but I noticed that they came in through outlets in the wall. I put clear tape around each outlet in the kitchen and I made sure to clean the counters once per week. These two measures eliminated my ant problem almost entirely. Actually, I found the place quite livable... Until the bedbugs showed up. About 2-3 months into my stay I began to notice a few itchy red bumps on my arms. I suspected something was up, but I wasn't sure what. Spiders, maybe? As I was stepping into bed one night, I looked down to see bedbugs crawling on my pillow. Pretty gross. I am a clean, fairly organized person. Unfortunately, bedbugs live on blood rather than detritus, so cleaning won't keep them away. I spoke with the management about it and they agreed to pay for pest treatment. They used an outside contractor who did a very good job. Unfortunately, I found out that in order to discourage future infestations in my unit I would have to throw out all of my upholstered furniture (bed, cushioned chairs, etc.). When I inquired about this, management informed me that they would not reimburse me. I let it go because my furniture was mostly handed down anyway, and I'm a pretty patient person. I slept on an air mattress for the remainder of my stay. The bugs did come back to my unit a few months later (the exterminator educated me: once they spread in a building they cannot be removed and the pesticide used in my unit really only lasts about 2-4 months), but the management again paid for treatment. Except for the bugs, the place was pretty good. A shooting occurred a couple of blocks away while I lived there, but I never felt unsafe in the neighborhood (at 6'0", 200 lbs of course). Street level parking was great. I never heard of any vehicle thefts while I was there and I could always find a spot. I used my school gym, but the on-site fitness center appeared to be clean and well equipped for cardio. The maintenance guy was reasonably prompt and easy to get along with. Most of my maintenance requests were dealt with well. I would recommend the place, were it not for the bugs. Note: a key to dealing with the management (as with anyone) is patience and friendliness. I got along fine with them, despite all this. If you are not a very diplomatic person, you won't like them. It is easy to lose your head when you are paying for an infested unit. Just be cool and cooperative. Stand your ground with them, but don't be a jerk. That is just a good life lesson anyway. People are generally more willing to work with you if you are polite and respectful.
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