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Vista Condominiums



Resident · 2008 - 2011
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Office Staff
so these condo's seem like a good idea, look like they are well done, but are not, and definatley not worth the price!! in 2.5 years we have already lost 1/2 of what the condo's are worth. The HOA dues are atrocious and there is no HOA to complain to since not enough of the condos are sold. the water is randomly disconnected atleast once a month, the hot water will turn off once a month on a good day. the air conditioning in most units have broken, and the heating is unreliable and LOUD. one of the elevators isnt finished and atleast one is broken at least once a week. 15 floors plus construction are too many people for one elevator, unless you dont mind waiting 5-10 minutes to get one going the wrong direction. The plumbing to the entire building needs to be redone, sewage backs up into the sinks randomly and their quick fix doesnt work since its a global problem for the building. All of this might be tolerable if the prices werent atrocious and if the management was even a little helpful. The door men are not at the desk 24 hours as stated, but are usually asleep somewhere. and SO RUDE all of the time! they make it difficult to live somewhere that you pay out of your mind to live in. no more x mas bonuses from me!
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Vista Condominiums

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