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Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/30/2005
I came in w/ my daughter to look at a apartment. They show you this beautiful nice looking model apartment. Everything is new in it. The apartment that my daughter actually moved in to was not half as nice. I felt like my daughter was trying to buy a car & not a apartment. The staff acts like they are car salesmen. I got the feeling that they were being dishonest. My daughter feels like she cannot trust them. Forget about bringing your kids or animals to visit. All of the cars in this complex drive like they are in the indy 500. They will not even slow down even though you are crossing the street. Plus their are alot of curves & boxy turns, so you never know when a car is coming around the corner. My daughter almost got hit by a resident there. She doesn't feel like she can have her kids come over and visit. She was wanting to get a dog becuase it is suppost to be a "dog friendly" apartment, but she changed her mind because of the fast driving cars. Some people let their dogs run off leash even though it is against the rules. Right as you pull into the apartment complex the fountain out front got hit and the bricks are tumbling down. That happened at least a month ago. They have yet to fix it. My daughter is so embarassed to have people visit because of it. The apartments are old & they have alarm systems that do not even work. Other neighbors have said the same. She has only talked to one resident who's alarm works. Some of the residents are saying that they have a bobcat in the woods. They had like 9 break ins, 5 one time & 4 the other. It took 4 more apartments to be burglarized before the landlords told the comunnity about it. There are tons of bugs outside the apartment (because of the trees). My son who visited her apartment said "If you don't like bugs, don't move in. The managment is really rude we have heard. We had a hunch that this was going to be drama, but not this bad. It is to bad, because it is a neat complex, just in the wrong hands.
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