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Office Staff
crappyapts450 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2005
This apt complex has been a complete nightmare. We are four months into a twelve month lease, and we have never had to work with such unhelpful staff before. Our apt was filthy when we moved in, the carpet had huge stains, lights didn't work, screen to the patio was ripped and off track, doors didn't latch, dishwasher didn't work, washing machine made burning smells, no alarms works, among other problems. There were nine apts robbed, and the office didn't let tenants know about it until it was broadcasted on the news. The maintenance staff seems like anyone who says that they're handy gets hired. <br>Repairs are way below sufficient, and the staff has yelled at me several times. One of the maintenance guys cussed and yelled because he took personal offense when we were not satisfied with his repairs. Cars drive at break neck speeds around tight corners, we can hear our neighbors playing music, arguing, watching TV, the walls are more than just thin. Office staff has been rude and lazy, the manager never checks on maintenance. If they fill out a work order, the manager just assumes it got done. Maintenance staff has lied to other staff as to what happens when they encounter a tenant. This is the worst apt staff I have ever heard of.
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