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Aberdeen Apartments



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Office Staff
Moira_M • Resident 2017 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/23/2018
After reading the other recent reviews on this apartment community I would almost bet it was the office staff themselves putting in false reviews to get their rating up. The staff here is crooked. I have only been here for 5 months and it’s been a nightmare. The windows are cheap and drafty; the vent system outside above the balconies have gaping holes where a vent should be allowing vermin to live in there. When I moved in there was cobwebs and dead spiders all over the ceilings and a ladybug graveyard on the picture window near the staircase. The closet door in one of the bedrooms have been off the tracks and the wrong size since the day I walked in here and nothing has been done about it. As well as the laundry room doors in the kitchen. The hot water heater is not big enough to fill a bathtub before going cold. Don’t open the windows for fresh air because you will never be able to get them closed again. There are cigarette butts all over the property lawn. My neighbors play basketball with the trash in their car and the garbage can area while driving by and if they don’t make it the trash hits nearby parked cars. I have received two lease violations within 1 week due to having a 3 year old! Because I live above an elderly woman who has never had kids my 3 year old is not allowed to play or be off the couch in his own home. This is seriously the solution the staff has given me. The staff in dealing with this is completely unprofessional and none of them have children either so they told me it’s as easy to get a 3 year old to listen as it is to get a 50 year old to listen. Anyone with kids or anyone that has taken a basic child development class knows this is psychologically and biologically untrue. The staff did not offer to love me to a different apartment until I got two violations and called them for the second time. At that point both the office assistant and assistant manager had been extremely rude to me and money talks which is why I am breaking my lease. That’s right, this place is so awful I would rather pay rent at two different places for two months than to stay here. They also tried to charge me $125 for blinds in which they gave me NO NOTICE. I went out and bought blinds myself and replaced them: the cost? $18. I have lived in many apartments and have never had a lease violation and never had any problems with office staff but these people are just ridiculous. This community is NOT for families. I’m pregnant with twins so I definitely need a warm and inviting place for them to come home to rather than this apartment that just paints over their flaws. And yes, that’s exactly what they do. Don’t expect your walls to be clean, they will just paint over the dirt.
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Aberdeen Apartments

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