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August Place



Former Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
I lived here for a year. During that year, I had three issues flood my 2 bedroom apartment on separate occasions. They placed me in a one bedroom and refused to put me in another two bedroom unless I renewed my lease for another year. I refused and continued to live in the one bedroom for the remainder of my original lease. Fast forward to three days before my lease ends. I walk in to move my remaining things out of the apartment and they aren't there. The apartment had been completley cleared out, checked in the dumpster and I find less than half of what was left in the apartment. It was after hours so I couldn't talk to anyone in the office. I have video of me digging my stuff out of the trash. I'm talking perishable food, clothes some had been in the washer and dryer, my vaccum. But there were several things missing, so either the maintenance crew helped themselves or dumpster divers took it. I'll never really know. Next day I miss 2 hours of work to go talk to the office with my lease in hand. The office manager I had been dealing with through out my lease was gone. As in no longer with the complex. Turns out there was a mix up (former property manager never documented the switch) and were I was living was listed as vacant. So they trashed my stuff. They asked for a detailed list of everything lost and how much it cost so they could reimburse me. Now 3 months later they finally tell us they the will reimburse less than half the value because we don't have receipts. The regional manager said she had been in the apartment before they trashed it and said "there wasn't much there". And a quick glance would show that but she didn't go through and note the brand of the vaccum or the fan to know they weren't cheap. She didn't do the math on the cost of the food still in the fridge and cabinets. Didn't check the labels on the clothes to know some were Hollister, etc. That I had accumulated this stuff for over three plus years. Why would I keep recipient for it? I've had to start replacing stuff with my own money by now. I can't afford what I lost so it's been cheap stuff to get me by which I'm sure I'll have to replace too. August/Autumn place/Myan Managment does not give two craps about the people that lease from them. I don't recommend that anyone looking for a place to live, live here. Office manager and help was always changing. Maintainance never did fix my dishwasher or leaking windows, both of which flooded the first apartment.
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August Place Manager


We are very sorry to learn of your past difficulties at August Place Apartments. If you'd like to speak with someone at the corporate office, please call Myan Management Group at 817.442.8200.

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August Place

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