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August Place



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vrp · 2019
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I moved into this apartment at the beginning of 2019. When we arrived to move our things in at the agreed upon time, they were doing maintenance on our unit and we were told we couldn't move in at that time. It took them 2 hours to complete the work and because of the delay, we had to pay to extend our UHaul rental. When we finally did move in, there were 2 kitchen drawers missing, we didn't have a mail key, and the garbage disposal didn't work. We later found that there were leaking pipes under the sink, so every time we ran the dishwasher or used the sink, a large pool of water accumulated in the cabinet under the sink. It took them about a week and a half to fix the issue, and we couldn't use our sink or dishwasher for that time. We didn't get a mail key until we had lived there for a month, and when they did replace the lock, the key barely fit in and was extremely difficult to operate. We have since stopped being able to remove the key after locking the box. At one point in time, I went to do laundry and the entire laundry room had been closed down without any notice to the residents. This past summer, our dishwasher stopped working. We placed a maintenance request on June 9th, 2019 and didn't have the issue addressed until September after constant runaround by the office whenever I called to ask for an update about when our unit would be serviced. When someone did finally come to look at the dishwasher, he that it needed to be replaced, they had new dishwashers in stock, and that he would be back the next day to replace it at 8:30 am. He never showed up, and when we called the office to ask about it, they told us that he would be coming 3 days later at 10 am. He didn't show up again. That time, when we called to ask, they said that something had come up and that they didn't know when someone would be able to come back. This continued for another 2 months. We called consistently to ask for updates but it didn't seem like the staff knew what was going on, or when they would be able to get a dishwasher replaced. Finally, we were in the leasing office in late November to sign a 6 month lease (not by choice but out of necessity), and asked again about the dishwasher. There was a maintenance worker in the office and he said "I can come by in a few hours to look at it", which was refreshing to hear but very frustrating because it seemed like we had been waiting months for no reason, as the maintenance worker was available to stop by on a whim. It was finally replaced that afternoon, after almost SIX MONTHS of waiting. There has been new office staff 5 or 6 times in the year that I have lived there, and they have apparently just gone through another transition period to a new management company and are making changes to improve everything. Frankly, at this point, I don't really care and can't wait to move out.
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Hello and thank you for taking the time to provide us with valuable feedback for August Place Apartments. We're sorry you are unhappy and for your past difficulties. If you have any issues that you would like to discuss further, please call Myan Management Group at 817.442.8200 for assistance.

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August Place

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