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Chase Court



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Mr.niceguy_! • Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2015
I didnt live in chase court however i did live in chamberlain court apartments which is owned by the same management company FIRST MANAGEMENT and i highly recommend you DO NOT RENT from this company !! They are scandalous people to say the least. I've lived in lawrence for 10 yrs and this is by far the WORST company to rent from. It seemed good at first for the price but then the problems started. First off i had to add my wife to the lease and to do so i was told by numerous different employees that all was needed was to pay a $30 app fee and that was it . LIE after she filled out the app and we payed the fee they then said we needed a additional $75 for a roommate fee... shes not a roommate shes my WIFE. next they told her she wasn't allowed to put trash out side for me to take to the dumpster when i got home and threatened to charge $25 a item ... she was pregnant at the time. the maintenance left a nice snide little remark saying $75 is a lot of baby food. real nice.... next was trying to sublease , they said it would be easy for us to accomplish however after we paid $60+ dollars in app fees and my wife busted her --- trying to find people and clean the apt. she later received a e mail from the staff saying oh we had people lined up already approved and ready to go. we just didn't tell you about it ... so instead they happily sat there and let us spend our hard earned money knowing they could've had someone in there alot sooner. so long story short DONT RENT FROM FIRST MANAGEMENT THEY LIE CHEAT AND STEAL EVERY PENNY THEY CAN.
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Chase Court

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