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Chase Court



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2009
I lived in a two bed two bath at Chase Court for one year. The biggest complaint I have is with the move in and move out inspections and Chase Court attempting to keep my security deposit. When we moved in, the apartment was not in the condition I thought it should be in. There were some small holes in some of the walls, chipped light plates, broken microwave, and stains in the kitchen, bathrooms, carpet, and laundry room to name a few. I have a feeling that Chase Court charged the people who lived in the apartment before me for these items, but then did not use the money to replace them. The person doing the inspection was not going to write down any of these items to say that we did not make them until we stood by her and watched her write them down. Thankfully we did, because when we moved out they wrote those items down on the sheet and tried to keep our security deposit saying that we made the mess. We called them once we received the statement in the mail and spoke with the manager. She pulled our file and saw that the same items that were written on the move out were on the move in and she sent the rest of the check. Other than this complaint, I thought it was an okay apartment, too expensive though. I lived close to the frat house, so it was pretty loud some nights. Also, when you are in the bathrooms you can hear the people in the apartment above you. With maintenance, they usually fixed all of the problems we had, but there were a couple minor problems that were in the apartment when we moved in and were not fixed before we moved out a year later even after I called them multiple times during the year.
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Chase Court

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