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Chase Court



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2009 Recommended
Reviewed 05/20/2009
Ok, I decided to post an actual rating rather than just having people that have had problems with the complex. I've lived in a one bedroom in Chase Court for about 2 yrs now. I still have yet to move out but I will be moving out but because I'm going to be moving out from Lawrence and back to my home town of Overland Park with a friend of mine. I never really had a problem with the maintenance. The only time that it took them a while to fix something was when my washers motor had died on me. Kinda sucked when it happened cause I had clothes in the washer, but I really can't blame management for something that they couldn't prevent. Parking was kind of a hassel sometimes but it wasn't like I had to park very far away to get to my place. There would be times that I would have to park around to the side of the building but that was the jist of the parking problems. There was a frat house and a firestation on the same street as the complex but I lived closer to the firestation. The firestation was good enough to not turn on their sirens when they needed to leave though until they got up to the main street so that wasn't ever a problem. From what I can say about the staff, I never had a problem with any of them. Really the only time that I had to deal with the staff was when I had to pay for rent. I've lived in a different First Management property and I do know what the move out checkout is like. They are pretty strict about everything being cleaned up. But like I said, outside of paying my rent, I don't have to deal with the staff or anyone from First Management. This is why I don't see how everyone else has had a problem with the management company. I decided to post because it always seems to be the fact that the people who are more likely to post on this site are the people who have had problems, while no one really gets to hear about the people who have the good experiences with the place. Take this into consideration, and if at all.. knock on someones door or if you see someone out who lives in the apartments, stop and get an honest opinon from someone who currently lives there instead of just basing you decision off of only people who have problems.
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Chase Court

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