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Remington Square



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/29/2013
POP-HISSSSSS! I hope you like that sound because the motel-style heater will make it every time it starts up and it will be dismissed by the front office as a normal sound of heaters. As a result it will be easier to sleep in the winter with the heat off so you don't trigger your fight or flight response every half hour during the night. The heater/AC will also run frequently since the windows don't even completely close and drafts come in through the power outlets. If you're quiet you'll even be able to hear your neighbors' heater pops since the walls are so thin you can hear everything! However, you can always be sure you'll get plenty of exercise since you'll likely be parking a few blocks away from your actual building since there are not enough functioning parking spots to go around. And if it rains some of them even become little ponds you can splash around in. Then, after going through all of this you will have a little hope that you will get that sweet, sweet deposit money back since you thoroughly cleaned your apartment! Surely they aren't too stingy since they let the person who lived in the apartment before you move out and leave pee splashes on your floor. But alas, $40 to clean a spotless toilet, $40 to clean an oven that was cleaner than when you moved in. The list goes on. "Cleaning fees" must be code for something else I guess. This can all be yours for the low, low price of $495 a month*! *If you live on the first floor with noisy neighbors above you. Plus a $60-200 electric bill depending on the season!
Remington Square Manager09/03/2013

Dear Reviewer, Thank you for taking the time to review our property, Remington Square. We truly value the opinions of our tenants and we apologize that we did not meet your expectations. This property is under new ownership as of early 2013 and we are working diligently to create the best possible experience for each tenant. From the review, we are not able to distinguish when you were a resident but can address the concerns of our management procedures currently in place. In regards to the HVAC unit, we are truly sorry that you we were unable to resolve your issue. Because the noises you describe are normal and customary, we are looking deeper into a permanent resolution to this issue. We strongly encourage any resident who may be dissatisfied with our handling of a situation to please follow-up; we believe a situation is resolved unless a resident tells us otherwise. In regards to parking, the property has more parking stalls than are required for each unit. In addition, we have an open parking policy for which we have received continuous feedback as flexible and convenient to our tenants. Throughout the day, parking is readily available. More information regarding which building you lived in may help us better identify your particular issue. In regards to the cleaning fees and deposit refund, each tenant, upon move-in, is required to sign the Cleaning and Damages Form which is a complete breakdown of the costs of cleaning, replacing or repairing each item in their unit. Upon move out, we have multiple management staff walk through each apartment to make a professional judgment on the status of each unit. Upon completion of the walk through, if the resident is present, we have the resident sign the move-out form. If a unit is properly cleaned with no stains, repairs or replacements needed, the deposit is refunded. In regards to utility costs, Remington Square provides water and sewer at no additional cost to each resident. Additional utilities are available to each unit directly from the local utility company. Utilities bills are typically no more than $75-$80. Again, understanding your specific situation will help us provide a more detailed response. Unfortunately, it is difficult to address specific issues to an anonymous reviewer. We encourage you to contact us so we may work with you directly. Again, thank you for your feedback. We apologize that your time at Remington Square was unsatisfactory and wish we could have had the opportunity while you were a resident to remedy the situation.

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Remington Square

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