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4100 West 24th Place, Lawrence, KS 66047
4100 West 24th Place, Lawrence, KS 66047

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Remington Square



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Resident 2014 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/02/2017
Noise: You will hear everything your neighbors do. The ceilings and walls are extremely thin, so thin that I could hear the person above me's phone vibrate. Also, the heater and air conditioner is extremely loud and you never really get used to it. Mold: In your lease, you sign a mold agreement. You're told to keep your bathroom fan on (which sounds like you put rocks in a garbage disposal) when you shower. It doesn't do anything, it is literally a fan in a hole in the wall, so moisture from your shower makes mold grow on EVERYTHING. Your window frame and sill will be covered if you get a corner facing away from the sun. If you have one with windows facing front, it'll grow on the walls behind furniture. In the bathroom the walls gradually bubbled as though they were all wet and molded under the drywall. Buying a dehumidifier and keeping the door closed at all times cut down on the mold, but none the less, it still grew back. Floors: The carpets were filthy, matted, and melted when I moved in. They never got clean no matter how many times the carpet cleaners tried. With that being said, the moldy smell absorbed into the carpet making the whole apartment smell bad. The tiles also cracked more over time in the kitchen and bathroom. Parking: If you think you're going to park by your unit after 5 pm, think again. People there have multiple cars, some of which never move, and there's no assigned parking or permits. Chances are you'll end up by the club house and you'll have to walk quite a distance. Expensive: Your rent will go up $10 every year. When I moved in it was 500. Now moving out it's 530 and they wanted to raise it to 540. The apartments aren't nice enough to justify the price. Your power bill can get pretty high in the winter and summer. Mine was always about $120 in the winter even though I kept the lights off and the heat down to 60. Laundry is $2 to wash and $2 to dry, however your clothes probably wont be dry the first go around and you'll have to run it again. Paying your rent online also has a $25 fee attached to it. It looks pretty, the show apartment is always nice, the staff is friendly, maintenence is fine. They sure know how to put lipstick on a pig.
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Remington Square

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