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Spanish Crest Apartments



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
While you do pay a one bedroom price for a two bedroom, be prepared to spend over $150 a month for your utilities. Security deposit is $200. If you like 1970's decor this is the place for you! The kitchen is quite spacious, as well as the rest of the apartment but there isn't much cabinet space. If you move in, don't expect it to be completely clean. I found old food crumbs in some of the drawers in the kitchen when we moved in. Sometimes the sidewalks get cleared sometimes they don't. It just depends if a tenant is behind in rent. Leaves hardly ever if ever get raked. From what I remember there were still leaves on the ground after the snow melted from the fall. There is adequate parking, but the parking lots look like elephant skin. We did have a problem with potholes but that was patched with quick-crete - which took them half a day to actually block off. When it finally set you could see tire tracks and foot prints. There is a maintainance man and he does live on-site but he also has a job of his own and is VERY overworked. He's a great guy though, and if you tell him about a problem it will get fixed. But if you you go through the apartment manager don't expect it to get fixed anytime soon. Furnace filters only get changed/checked MAYBE twice a year, not the recommended 3 month intervals. From what I have heard, ALL of the garages flood. The pool is one of the best maintained pools in the city - but only during the times of use. When it isn't being used the water is literally dark brown and the pool is filled with all kinds of trash. For some reason they didn't think of getting a pool cover? Laundry facilities are on site and are open at all hours but I wouldn't recommend you fill a washer/dryer to more than half capacity. It is a really quiet place to live and the owner is really nice. Porch lights automatically come on every night at around dusk and turn off in the morning. Overall it's not a bad place to live, but it's an older complex and it needs some extra attention because of this. If the maintainance man had at least one or two guaranteed helpers all year round - not just tenants behind in rent - this could be a really great place to live. If this happened I could recommend these apartments. But because one man really can't handle this place on his own, I can't recommend it at the time. Just remember you pay for what you get.
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Spanish Crest Apartments

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