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kcsunny1 • Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/05/2014
I LOVE(D) this place. I have lived in my fair share of apartment complexes from North KC to Midtown KC to Overland Park and this "was" the best apartment living experience I'd had, especially since moving to the Kansas side. But not so fast, apartment communities in Kansas are an experience to say the least. I moved into Weston Point in the fall of 2013 and had not slept so well in YEARS. It is very peaceful, clean and quiet - if you live on the top floor. The neighbors are very pleasant. I had no troubles there and I can't say that about other locations. Parking is awful here. If you come home late on a Friday or Saturday night and you do not have a garage, there is NO place to park. I mean that. Water pressure on the top floor is deplorable. They really bait you with that huge garden tub, but it will take you an hour to fill it! Maintenance. It is Horrible. It is the worst I've experienced in any complex I've lived in. If you make a maint. request, Ohhhh, let's say you have no light in your kitchen. It will take them at least a week to get around to you. Also, don't expect things to be done right the first time and expect to get drawn illustrations because they'll treat you like whatever is wrong must be your fault. One of the maintenance guys was so rude, when I complained about him not fixing things and leaving me dummy drawings of how to use a thermostat or dishwasher (both of which were broken) he actually blocked me in with his car at the trash compactor and then bad mouthed me random people in an unprofessional manner. TRUE STORY. All that said, I did like my apartment and was otherwise pretty content here. Peace is hard to find. But one afternoon, not by formal notice I happened to check my mail to find a letter instructing me to upgrade from my 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom to the tune of an additional $400 per month or get out by the expiration of my lease, which by the time I discovered the letter in the mail, was less than a month. All of this because of the Prairie Fire development across the street. They wanted to upgrade ALL of their 1 bedrooms at once rather than as leases expired. I was given NO viable options and could not afford to move, much less did I have the time to find reasonable, well-researched options on almost no notice... Bottom line, Weston Point left a very bad taste in my mouth. Their management is just awful and I'm being nice by leaving it at that.
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