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Resident 2008 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/04/2014
I lived in this apartment complex for 5 1/2 years during which there was a change in management. Since they brought in the current manager, I feel like the quality of customer service has decreased drastically. I signed the lease for this apartment complex originally without even looking at the actual apartment as the people I spoke with were great. However, I feel like the ones that work there do not seem to care about the residents ( not all, there is one or two I have come across recently were good and were limited with their ability to help because of the direction they were given). The apartment complex is safe, clean, and well maintained from the outside. I stayed in an one bedroom for three years and the quality of that apartment was good. However, the two bedrooms seem to be not so great. I can hear my neighbors frequently and also smell all their odors. The first neighbor I had cooked and didn't air out the apartment so my closet, bathrooms, laundry room, and pretty much the entire apartment smelled like food. It was terrible as my clothes smelt like food when I went to work. I complained to the apartment complex and they didn't do much. The next neighbor was a chain smoker and again not only my apartment smelt like cigarette smoke, but it was strong enough to get second hand smoking. I complained and they did nothing but send a letter to everyone in that building to let them know to air out their apartments, seriously? What is ironic is that they made all residents get renter's insurance but allow their residents to smoke inside their apartments. In all these cases, I was not upset with my neighbors but with the apartment policies and cheap construction. On the two bedrooms, the fixtures and the general apartment quality was bad. Remember, this is just the one I lived in and I don't know how the others were. The base boards in the kitchen and bathrooms were done poorly and they came out. The insulation in the windows and doors are pretty bad that during winter I had to use other methods to insulate. The electric bill was too high. Maintenance does a decent job in completing work orders in a timely manner. When you call the after hours number for an urgent situation like when the power goes out, they are just rude. The apartment complex is great about sending letters but don't really fix any problems. I know they have sent residents multiple letters asking them to take something down from the patio or garage but never come talk to you if you don't. What's the point in just sending letters and not fixing the issue. This concerns me as if a resident has a problem, they don't fix it but just send a letter to the related party. After 5 1/2 year, I decided to move out as I didn't get the service and quality I wanted and my apartment smelt like cigarette smoke. The level of service and response decreased when they found out I was leaving. If I don't do a check out or walk thru with them, then I lose my deposit. This is not right when they can't make the check out appointment or don't want to be flexible. I think you should take a look at the apartment. It is kept up nicely and safe. The Nall and 135th area is growing and there is a lot of do within walking distance. I'm leaving mainly because of the service I receive(d) and they also because the quality of residents is decreasing.
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