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Prospective Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/14/2014
I was very disappointed when I learned we didn't get approved for the apartment because we had been late 4/11 times on our previous rental agreement! My husband is new to the country and was unemployed but now has an amazing very well paid job and I had a very difficult pregnancy and could barely work which resulted in me giving birth but the baby passing. Now we have to move ONLY because my husband has to be able to work from home using the internet and the wiring in our walls has gone bad. Both managers were very nice but were not willing to make any acceptions even after an explanation but made an acception to give the deposit back because it will not be refunded after 3 days. Today is the 4th day. My employer complained about how rude Tina was and she felt bad because she got a different story. Tina told her we didn't get approved because she should have contacted them sooner and the deadline had passed. It hadn't. Tina is the same girl that told me she didn't know the name of the manager and Charlotte the assistant manager would contact me even after I told her I would like to speak to someone else. I was told by the head manager Laurie if they make an exception with us they have to make one with everyone that's the purpose of the application. She said we could get a letter saying it was my roommate that was late and not us but my apartment complex wouldn't do it. We had already given notice to vacate our apartment because Charlotte told us too!! My current complex was surprised we didn't get approved. If your credit is bad you have the option to explain why but if you're late 4/11 months there is no exception. This place is really tight on their acceptance rate I'm guessing. At least they were willing to give the deposit back :/. Most places ask how long it takes you to pay in which we never took longer than 10 days, not how many times you were late.
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