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genfitkc • Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/28/2016
DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!! My wife and I have been a resident for two years now and the only reason we lasted that long was because my wife liked how close the apartments were to her work and didn't want the hassle of switching complexes. I will be 100% honest in my list of pro vs con with zero emotion attached, just facts: Pros: - Close (I mean walking distance close) to Prairie Fire, restaurants, grocery store, etc. - Close to elementary school and middle school (again walking distance) - Beautiful area with trees and landscaping - Pool is decent size and fitness center is decent size - If you present zero issues, staff is very friendly - My floor plan, the A2, has tons of closet space, especially for just an individual Cons: - Average Winter bill for a thermostat at 66 degrees in a 1-bedroom, 817sqft apartment = $175 (FYI, that is even with my taping off and plastic covering all the windows) - Average Summer bills with a 76 degree thermo is $100 - Stainless steel appliances are fake (magnets stick to them) - I used to pay $750 for exact same floor plan, but was forced to move into an upgrade apartment. Upgrades include: rubber blinds instead of old metal ones, fake stainless steel appliances, digital thermostat, new ceiling fans, wood floors in kitchen, entry way, and bathroom. Additional monthly rent for upgrades is $140. I now pay $890. FYI, I asked if fixing the drafty windows could be my upgrade instead of everything else, and they said no. - You can hear all neighbors (walking above, laughing and talking on the same level) - Washer and dryer are old. Both dryers, old apartment and this one, have destroyed several articles of clothing for us and even burnt them, which presents and obvious fire hazard. - Our old apartment had lots of spiders, even after being sprayed. Our new apartment had mice. Those are the facts and now for a little bit of emotion tied in. We received a message in April of last year stating that if we wanted to continue leasing with them, we would be required to move to an upgraded apartment for an additional monthly cost. Now, to be fair, we did receive $300 off our first month's rent for doing so. They also pushed the fact that our deposit would transfer like that was some huge deal??? If we just continued leasing in the same apartment then we wouldn't have a new deposit either, so I always thought that was dumb. Any who, we agreed to move to an upgraded apartment, same floor plan, when our lease was up (This was in June). For the following three months, they said our new apartment wasn't ready and they kept pushing our move date back, which was obviously annoying to have to continue to reschedule and re-plan our move. Finally, in October we move to the new apartment. In March, I discover that they have leased out our old apartment WITHOUT DOING ANY UPGRADES! The entire reason we had to move was so they could renovate it! I submitted them to the BBB and requested that I be reimbursed for the additional monthly rent increase at which point they responded by saying that just one month after we moved out they stopped renovating. I argued this point and they never responded back, which is why I attached the picture of the BBB response saying that the case will be listed as unresolved. Needless to say, I fully support their 13% approval rating and will never live here again once my lease is up.
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